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Shell-Rimmed Glasses

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Creator: Ls777 image
Category: Plastic
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Rating: 9.38 (13 ratings)
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This is it, the Shell Rimmed material someone was looking for...
its all procedural, uses ray mirror and SSS.
feel free to adjust the parameters as necessary.

Shell-Rimmed Glasses
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Shell-Rimmed Glasses:

Paratron on Aug, 14th - 2007, 20:02 CET  
Nice one! I love it ;)

Meanie on Aug, 14th - 2007, 21:18 CET  
Looks great ls!!

Marcus Fenix on Aug, 15th - 2007, 00:33 CET  
Yeah! cool Stuff!

Ls777 on Aug, 16th - 2007, 14:08 CET  
thx for the comments :D

oblenob on Oct, 4th - 2007, 22:05 CET  
I'm using this for a comb

CyaNn on Oct, 8th - 2007, 12:42 CET  
Wahouuu what a fine piece.
Greate job 10.

EllriNidhogg on Aug, 21th - 2008, 00:32 CET  
very nice