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Eraser Rubber (red)

Creator: hoehrer image
Category: Plastic
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Rating: 8.57 (7 ratings)
Downloads: 3726

Not much to explain about this one I think :)

The blue one (more bumpy) can be found here:
Blue Rubber

Render examples (with the previous version of the material though):[email protected]/278963746/[email protected]/279878690/

A real life eraser can be seen here:
Eraser Rubber (red)
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Eraser Rubber (red):

meschoyez on May, 16th - 2007, 15:38 CET  
i like these rubbers... good work!

hoehrer on May, 16th - 2007, 16:01 CET  
Thanks, took me long enough to get a look that resembles the real thing in _any_ way. :D They still look best when all 3 are used together.