About this site

The beginning

The Blender Open Material Repository grew out of the (defunct since 2022) german blender community blendpolis.de.
The project quickly accumulated hundreds of materials and over 5600 users writing comments and giving ratings to the uploaded materials.

The uploaders waived all their rights and had to make their materials public domain to be hosted on this site.
The idea was that materials should be free and open source, like Blender 3D itself.

This is how the project looked like during the first years: Snapshot on Archive.org

The later years

After some time, the interest died out. Users stopped uploading new materials and the old PHP code of the project began to fall apart over the years.

Nevertheless, the page had more than 1.6 million visitors and more than 3 million downloads since the beginning.

Paratron kept the project running until april 2022 when even the old legacy system running the mostly original PHP code was not running reliably anymore. The site still had over 200 visitors each day at that time.

The reboot

In april 2022, Paratron created a reboot of the repository, not using PHP anymore but a modern static site generator (Elder.js).

Altough its not possible to register, vote or upload materials at the moment this may absolutely come back in the future. Send a tweet to Paratron if you are interested.