Metallic Color Shift

Creator Domino
Category Car Paint
Sent online 2008-04-10
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Description / Information

To show the light based color shift effect of this easily customisable material I had to add a spot lamp to the materials render scene. This node based material has two color controls, one for the base paint and one for the flakes, flecks whatever you want to call them :) You can get a wide range of effects just by altering these two colors. Usually the paint color would be the darker of the two. For a deep color range, set the flecks a little lighter than the paint. This is shown on Suzanne with Orange and Yellow. For color shift, set the flecks to a complimentary color to the paint. This is shown on the sphere with Blue and Red. For metallic use a silvery blue for the flecks. This is shown on Custom which is the Beatle car model from

Raytraced Nodes

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License: CC0 / public domain