Carpaint NoRay

Creator madmesh
Category Car Paint
Sent online 2008-10-16
Rating 8.86 (7 ratings)
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Description / Information

This is my version of the Carpaint shader, its an adapted version of the existing Green carpaint setup. My version uses an environment map instead of raytraced reflections, the circular blend procedural is there to mask (stencil) the environment map and gives a nice (fake) fresnel effect to the reflections. My version does not require RayTracing, so the whole thing renders a lot faster. The included environment map is a simple render of the environment in the example file, e.g. the numbered floor and walls. This environment map can be replaced by any map you may have that better represents the surroundings of your scene. You can also set the environment map to "static" or "anim" for more accurate reflections of the scene. NOTE: Always check if the center of the object (the car body) is in a logical place relative to the geometry. Also check if the name of the object is entered in the "object" box at the environment map settings.

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License: CC0 / public domain