Pynode Scales

Creator varkenvarken
Category Nature
Sent online 2008-07-12
Rating 8.5 (4 ratings)
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Description / Information

a simple scales texture with a normal basically this node can be used in two ways: either to generate a color/normal texture directly or it can generate color coordinates that can be used to pick colors from another texture. This way it is possible to assign individual uniform colors to scales. It is simpler for you to inspect the .blend than for me to explain :-) the .blend file provides two example materials to illustrate the possibilities: ScalesSimple : a straightforward implementation, but driven by input colors ScalesCoords : illustrates the use of color coordinates to create a koi carp pattern. (Note: the basic colors are from a musgrave texture with a colorband. This texture is called KoiColors in the .blend file) The Pynode itself is called Scales. Some additional info is available from my webpage.


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License: CC0 / public domain