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Toony the Tiger

Creator: meschoyez image image
Category: Toon
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I really think that there must be some \"toon\" category... well, playing with the bands in an old material i\'ve painted Toony. Have fun!
Toony the Tiger
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Toony the Tiger:

Ls777 on May, 15th - 2007, 16:32 CET  
ooh i like it.

meschoyez on May, 15th - 2007, 17:07 CET  
This material could be named: "when i met the delightful world of Voronoi, and i thought about using in specularity", but it seemed too large

Brammie22 on Oct, 29th - 2007, 18:11 CET  
Very nice!
Thanks, just what i seek!