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Creator: Chainz image image
Category: Misc
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Rating: 7.6 (5 ratings)
Downloads: 2961

Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Wax:

oxben on Nov, 12th - 2007, 13:35 CET  
I like it a lot but not as a wax material.
I think its specularity is too high for wax.

But it is a great ivory material!
I rate it 9 for ivory ;-)

kaelisebonrai on Nov, 13th - 2007, 05:15 CET  
Its very nice, it could work as wax, I think, with a few edits, I was the one that added the wax suggestion on the suggestion list, and this is /much/ better than the one that answered that request. Thanks!

Chainz on Nov, 13th - 2007, 22:39 CET  
Every candle is different :)
Any modification is most welcome! :)