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Cloth patterned

Creator: Skiatch image
Category: Fabric/Clothes
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Rating: 7.75 (4 ratings)
Downloads: 3929

I just saw the Jeans_material by Paratron....hmmm, well ok, this is another cottonfabric.
Cloth patterned
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Cloth patterned:

Paratron on Feb, 27th - 2008, 14:13 CET  
aaaw, no proceduals at all :'(

Brammie22 on Feb, 27th - 2008, 15:38 CET  
Next time, try to use procedurials.

Skiatch on Feb, 27th - 2008, 20:43 CET  
There will be ;)! Thx for comments!