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Asphalt Road

Creator: karamelo image
Category: Misc
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Rating: 8.91 (11 ratings)
Downloads: 6245

Only precedural textures used. Not suitable for complex meshes. Can be used to create road texture.
Asphalt Road
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Asphalt Road:

Brammie22 on Mar, 19th - 2008, 19:48 CET  
Only procedurials?
Very good work!

Chainz on Mar, 20th - 2008, 08:31 CET  
Indeed, Very good!

walross on Mar, 27th - 2008, 06:27 CET  
very impressive

Hellrazor on Mar, 4th - 2009, 22:21 CET  
most awesome amazing sauce!