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Earth 2

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Creator: sypher7 image
Category: Space
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Rating: 9.85 (13 ratings)
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(This is an update of my previous Earth material -- this version includes a better atmosphere around the edges and better/subtler specularity on the oceans)

Highly detailed Earth material. Images used for the textures courtesy of NASA.

- Seperate diffuse/spec lighting for land, ocean, and clouds
- Atmospheric haze over entire material
- Atmospheric glow on edges of material
- Shaded (night) areas show city lights
- Clouds obscure city lights

Illustration of this material animated:

Hi-Res still available here, which gives you an idea of the texture detail:
Earth 2
Sphere Custom

image Download the Blendfile image

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Comments to Earth 2:

Paratron on Apr, 28th - 2008, 14:48 CET  
next time use the working area >_<
I don't want to have 500 times the same material in the database with _slightly_ differences.
Actually, I deleted your older Earth-Versions, but this confuses the users, because comments get lost.
Stop uploading the same material again and again...

sypher7 on Apr, 28th - 2008, 22:30 CET  
Sorry about that. I actually sent an email asking how I should do updates but I never got anything back. I'll use the working area in the future. As for this material, there won't be any more updates. Sorry to cause extra work for you!

steren on May, 2nd - 2008, 21:22 CET  
Thanks a lot, that was exactly what I expected when I suggested an Earth Material. Much better than the old one.

Jazz on Jun, 30th - 2008, 17:47 CET  
Great! Although the clouds are badly detailed, this is highly useful! Thanks a lot for sharing it! ;)

Ojoshiro on Aug, 29th - 2008, 15:53 CET  
Are the oceans transparent? I seem to see the outlines of the opposite continent or something like that.

Looks great!

Haiggoh on Oct, 30th - 2008, 18:14 CET  
Quite good, I really like the matirial especially that you even thought about the lights in the cities on the dark side. Really cool.

But I have a question: Is there a way to get the textures you used?
It's because I need a material for an earth-like planet in a galaxy far far away, if you know what I mean. I'd like to modify your material by just messing up the continents on gimp a bit, so that people wouldn't exactly think of looking at the earth but just at a similar planet.

Would it be possiblie to upload your source textures somewhere? That'd be great! Thanks in advance.

Spongy on May, 22th - 2009, 22:13 CET  
For some reason i can't get it to work. I open it in blender and it says "file incomplete". Why isn't it working? Please fix it if you know what is wrong.

ravid1001 on Sep, 27th - 2009, 11:51 CET  
I'm having trouble using this file. If i open it with blender, it says 'file incomplete' and if i try to append it into blender, well, there is nothing there.

The clouds in the animation should be rotating along with the earth.

Roxas8139 on Nov, 15th - 2009, 18:00 CET  
I has download this material very often and now i became this error: Loading earth_2.blend failed: File incomplete

sry i cant speak english very well

Paratron on Nov, 15th - 2009, 18:44 CET  
Thank you for your report. The download is fixed now.

Clavin12 on Jun, 2nd - 2010, 00:04 CET  
Very nice job. Some people are just way too good at this compositing stuff.