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Creator: foreward image
Category: Misc
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Rating: 8.5 (8 ratings)
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A gelatin candy, may also be a hard candy by changing ior and specular. Uses Subsurface Scattering.

To change color, adjust the SSS color of the "color" node. Casts a grey shadow. To get a softer look, add gloss to the RayTransp of the "trans" node.

NOTE: for some reason this material will not render properly in the preview window.
Sphere Suzanne

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Comments to Gummybear:

Brammie22 on Jul, 8th - 2008, 09:58 CET  
Make the candy a bit harder. It looks way too "fluidy".
Good work! 8/10

NCubed on Jul, 16th - 2008, 03:27 CET  
Lost a filling just looking at Suzanne!