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Barbed wire

Creator: varkenvarken image
Category: Misc
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The easiest way to use this material is make ribbons of quads (e.g. by repeatedly extruding a single edge of a plane) and then giving the faces of this object all the same UW coordinates and using the UV coordinates as input to this barbedwire texture.

You can do this by selecting all faces in editmode, select the unwrap menu (U)
and choosing 'reset'. It might be neccessary to rotate all faces by 90 degrees. This can be accomplished by selecting all faces and pressing R in de UV/ImageEditor window, followed by 90

Note that this is a transparent texture node. In order to see the shadows it casts on other objects, don't forget to enable 'TraShadow' in the Shaders tab of the material window for all materials of the RECEIVING object.

Alpha (transparency) values generated this way by nodes were incorrectly calculated (not only voor Pynodes) but since revision 16104 (and therefore probably in version 2.47 final) this is fixed.

More info on my website

Barbed wire
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Barbed wire:

Paratron on Aug, 14th - 2008, 22:45 CET  
I don't understand this ^^
Don't you use any image-textures in there?

Brammie22 on Aug, 15th - 2008, 11:38 CET  
these are great......

varkenvarken on Aug, 15th - 2008, 15:44 CET  
@paratron: no I don't use any image textures. I do use UV mapping however so this may sound confusing. What this texture node does is generate a very small section of barbed wire (just a single barb with a tiny piece of twisted wire). In order to get a larger length of wire you can simply repeat it. One way to do this is to map this single barb to a quad with a standard UV-map and give all quads they same map (how you can achieve that is in the comments). This way the one barb sections automatically line up, since its left and right sides tile seamlessly.

Lojimaster on Jan, 31th - 2010, 03:12 CET  
Genius my friend.